A form of relaxation for me and a great handmade birthday present for my friends.

One day in early 2015, while scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed, I saw a timelapse watercolor painting video which one of my friends had shared. It was so beautiful that after watching it, I went on YouTube to find more. A few hundred videos later, I finally decided that I had to start painting with watercolors too! (yes, it took that many videos) Check out the rest of the rest of my watercolor cards on Facebook here.

Disclaimer: I did go for art lessons when I was a kid (5-6) and had art classes as part of my school curriculum (7-14), so it's not like I could just paint after watching a few YouTube videos!

Lavender field
Sakura branch
Autumn birch
Flower wreath
Thank you!
Blue poppies

Bonus: Acylic on canvas

Snowy forest